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      Welcome to HuangGangShi ChuXiong Chemical Induster Co.,Ltd website!

      The company's main business:
      basic chemical products, feed and food additives

      The company's main basic chemical products, feed and food additives

      Basic chemical products
      Fine chemical products

      Cinnamic aldehyde products

      Anisaldehyde products


      Whole industry chain products,
      quality and supply are guaranteed

      (1) Cinnamon series products have a complete industry-wide production line. From the main raw materials to the finished products, our company produces independently, which provides a strong guarantee for product quality and makes our products less affected by the price of raw materials.
      (2) Our company has the latest equipment and mature preparation technology. All production lines adopt DCS automatic control system, so that the entire production line can achieve safe and efficient production, and guarantee product quality and product supply.

      Pursue the ultimate,
      meet customer's private customization

      (1) With the support of the company's core technical team, it can satisfy customers' high-quality customization of conventional products and private customization of niche products.
      (2) The company's technology research and development system has launched a full range of strategic cooperation and technical requirements with many well-known domestic enterprises, chemical research institutes and experts and institutions of higher learning, creating a high-standard support platform for the company's technology research and development system.

      Ultimate service to solve customers' worries

      (1) The company is equipped with a large number of technical staff to produce 24 hours uninterrupted production to meet the supply needs of customers
      (2) The company has long-term friendly cooperation with many large logistics companies to meet the customer's supply speed
      (3) The company has a strong after-sales team, 24 hours a day to help customers solve all products and all technical problems

      Chuxiong Chemical

      Huanggang Chuxiong Chemical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating basic chemical industry and fine chemical industry and relying on advanced technology. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Huanggang City, Hubei Province, covering an area of 40135 square meters. The registered capital of the enterprise is 25.83 million yuan and the total investment is 100 million yuan; of which 74 million yuan is fixed assets and 26 million yuan is circulating funds.
      The company’s existing production scale: ①Basic chemical production line, with an annual output of 160,000 tons of formaldehyde, which is the leading enterprise in the field of formaldehyde in Hubei Province..

      Stay tuned for our latest information!

      Service Tel:


      Basic chemical products
      Contact: Manager Li +86-18627231605
      Manager Yuan 15971461056
      Fine chemical products
      Contact: Manager Yuan +86-15971461056
      Manager Guo +86-18571363991
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